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ICYMI farm news highlights | Thursday, January 6, 2022

While looking ahead to the week’s end, don’t fall behind on the news! In case you missed it, below are some highlights.

Crop and Farm Management

Cathy Ekstrand shares some guidance ahead of 2022 crop prices, “Don’t get overconfident that prices will keep going up. Stick to your marketing plan and recognize where prices are profitable and get sales on the books.”

The USDA’s Risk Management Agency announced that corn growers in 11 states can apply for crop insurance coverage for split-apply nitrogen, a practice that reduces nutrient runoff.

Race Against Time and Weather

In 2010, six states in the Chesapeake Bay watershed agreed to restore water quality in the bay and the waterways that feed into it. At their current pace, the three major states responsible for 90% of pollution in the bay will miss their targets for reducing sediment and nutrient runoff by 2025.

Argentina is the world’s second-largest corn exporter after the U.S. and the main global supplier of soybean oil and flour. But in the coming days, Argentina’s agricultural region will be hit by a heat wave accompanied by little or no rainfall, adding pressure to adverse conditions that its corn and soybean crops have suffered for weeks.

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