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ICYMI farm news highlights | Tuesday, December 14, 2021

It may feel like the week just started, but there’s been no shortage of news. In case you missed the latest headlines, here’s a quick recap.

Farm inputs

Looking ahead to the 2022 growing season brings concern and questions for farmers as the cost of fertilizer and other inputs have increased dramatically. In Arkansas, Matt Miles faces a 175% price increase for urea in the coming season. Farmers, analysts, and fertilizer companies share their perspective in the latest coverage from Madelyn Ostendorf.

In Alabama, Chad Henderson cites “running budgets and figuring out the best strategy for balancing acres and fertilizer prices with corn prices” as his biggest challenge in the growing season ahead. He’s also getting a jump start on inspecting and maintaining his equipment to ensure any parts he has to order arrive before the rush of spring planting.

Farmland market

Iowa State University held their Land Value Survey news conference today. No matter how you look at it, land values are increasing in the state.

That land values have increased is likely no surprise, but the magnitude of the jump is significant, says Wendong Zhang, associate professor of economics. Editor Bill Spiegel parses out the data in the latest coverage on

The land market isn’t always clear. That’s why Chris Baumann and Brad Belser founded their data-centric farmland marketplace and land management system, CashRent. 

With their tool, “farm managers can find out what fair rental rates are and give their landowner clients more marketing power, insight into farmers in the area, and more competitive bids,” Baumann explains. Editor Megan Schilling digs into the details in recent Successful Farming coverage.

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