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ICYMI farm news highlights | Tuesday, January 25, 2022

It may feel like the week just started, but there’s been no shortage of news.

In case you missed the latest headlines, here’s a quick recap.

Shop Hacks

Finding the right tape quickly for a job can be difficult if you have a variety of tape in the shop.

In this video, editor Dave Mowitz builds a tape storage rack from PVC pipe to organize the many varieties of tape. He also features a hammer storage rack.

Supply Chain

Agricultural companies are wrestling with supply chain challenges spurred by COVID-19 and other factors. Prepay season (December – February) is typically a high-pressure time for growers; overlapping with current supply chain challenges.

Thus, transparency in availability has never been more crucial, say BASF officials. Increased levels of demand, coupled with pandemic-era supply chain issues, has compounded the challenges in the industry.

Nitrogen Management for Irrigated Crops

Sentinel Fertigation, a technology company that has developed a platform to quantify nitrogen status in crops, has announced a strategic partnership with Agri-Inject, a crop protection and fertigation products company.

“Our ultimate goal is to lower the annual fertilizer cost for farmers and increase their bottom line,” Sentinel Fertigation founder and chief executive officer Jackson Stansell says. "Internet of things technology revolutionizes agriculture from connected field machinery to center pivot monitoring systems."

Water and Climate

A new USDA grant will fund the use of crop insurance data to improve education and extension efforts that help farmers and ranchers assess the ways extreme weather and climate disruption have caused production losses and to project future losses.

The National Center for Appropriate Technology joins forces with MSU and UC-Davis for this grant to meet the challenges of weather and climate risks.

The Supreme Court will hear a case that may open the door to a possible revision of wetlands regulations.

The nonprofit Pacific Legal Foundation, which “defends Americans from government overreach,” said the case would give the Supreme Court the opportunity to revisit a 2006 ruling that said that if a wetland has a “significant nexus” with navigable waters, it is covered by the Clean Water Act. Damien Schiff, a Pacific Legal Foundation lawyer, said the Sackett case “is emblematic of all that has gone wrong with the implementation of the Clean Water Act."

California's Proposition 12

A California judge has ruled that Proposition 12 enforcement should be halted due to the state’s two-year delay in finalizing regulations.

Proposition 12 was voted into California law in November 2018, as an addition to Proposition 2 and part of the Cruelty to Farm Animals Act. Its purpose was “to prevent animal cruelty by phasing out extreme methods of farm animal confinement.” Under the new addition, there were multiple restrictions on the amount of space that an animal meant to be sold for slaughter or raised for eggs must have in order to be legally sold in the state of California.

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