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ICYMI farm news highlights | Tuesday, January 4, 2022

The headlines from Tuesday are humming with topics that range from livestock to robo-tractors.

If you need a chance to catch up on the latest news, read the highlights below.


On Monday, President Joe Biden said the United States will issue new rules and $1 billion in funding this year to support independent meat processors and ranchers as part of a plan to address a lack of “meaningful competition” in the meat sector.

In an update on Tuesday, the Justice Department and the USDA said they would prioritize competition and create a central internet website for producers to submit complaints about unfair treatment.

California’s Proposition 12 went into effect on Sunday, but state officials are still working on a final set of regulations.

More than three years ago, California voters approved Proposition 12, guaranteeing sows, veal calves, and egg-laying hens more room to move about and barring the sale of eggs, veal, and pork from farms, even in other states, that do not comply with the new standards.

Even so, some hog farmers plan to expand their operations with Proposition 12 in effect, said California agriculture officials in the “Planting Seeds" blog. Officials stated they believe there is sufficient product already in the supply chain to sustain the state for several months.


John Deere & Co said it will start commercial delivery this year of technology that enables a tractor to till a field without an operator in the cab. This is a first for the top North American tractor manufacturer after years of effort to automate farm work.

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