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Today's big agriculture news | Wednesday, January 19, 2022

It may be a busy midweek, so be sure to check out the links below to catch up on any of the news you may have missed.

Crops News

XtremeAg farmers check in with updates this week: Lee Lubbers makes upgrades to his tender trailer and planter, while Chad Henderson tends to his wheat fields.

Editor Laurie Bedord covers the project from botanists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison who sent 48 cotton seeds to the International Space Station last summer.

If you are drafting or reviewing a carbon soil contract, make sure these six elements are addressed.

Science and Technology News

Mexico’s top science agency has cut its recommendation for maximum glyphosate imports by half this year, urging agriculture businesses to take steps to reach a government target of phasing out the herbicide completely by 2024.

As it launches its 2022 start-up collaborator program, John Deere is expanding the number of companies it is working with from five to seven.

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