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Jump on the #Felfie bandwagon

If you’re still taking selfies, time to ditch the old fad and grab on to the hot #Felfie trend! “Felfies” are selfies (taking a picture of yourself) out on the farm. People catching the craze use social media including Instagram and Twitter to post their felfies for the world to see.

Starting about a month ago by The Irish Farmers Journal, felfies are spreading like wildfire. There are thousands of felfies on social media, and it’s grabbing some serious media attention.

Check 'em out!

Want to see some of the epic and hilariously wonderful felfies out there? Head to Twitter or Instagram and search #felfie (yes, include the #). Get some ideas from others, then go shoot some of your own!

How to share your #Felfie flare

To show off your best felfie, take a picture of yourself on the farm and post to Twitter or Instagram (or both!) using the hashtag #felfie. Most felfie takers feature animals (I’ve seen beef cattle, calves, pigs, ponies, dogs, chickens, goats, and alpacas, just to name a few), but animals are by no means required.

We, as agriculturalists, know there’s so much more to the farm than our handsome livestock and adorable baby goats. Farmers and ranchers have tractors, machinery, barns and shops as well. There’s land to tend, beautiful landscapes of windmills and barns, and hay in the pasture with snow draped over it this time of year. By posting felfies, it’s not only showing off life on the farm, it’s showing the world what happens on a real farm by real people. 

So go ahead! Share pictures of yourself working in the shop, riding on the tractor, fixing fence, or even reading Successful Farming magazine (hint hint).

This trend is blowing up the Twittersphere and won’t die down anytime soon as long as farm kids, families, and farmers keep the pictures coming. But why would it? We’re out on the farm with our phones and cameras anyway. May as well snap selfie (whoops, I mean felfie)! 

Post your felfie on or Farmers for the Future network. You may see yourself featured on the website in the near future.

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