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Koch announces cost increase for N stabilizers

Citing raw material and logistics costs, key products will increase 9% to 14%.

Koch Agronomic Services is reporting cost increases to some of its Nitrogen Stabilizer products, due to increases in raw materials and logistical costs to make and distribute these products. The company announced new price increases effective November 1 for the following products:

  • Anvol, 14%
  • Agrotain Advanced 1.0, 14%
  • Agrotain Dri-Maxx, 10%
  • Centuro, 9%  

“Our focus has been and will continue to be providing our customers with proven solutions growers can use to optimize their nitrogen rates and increase yield,” said Greg Hunter, vice president of North American sales for KAS, in a release from the company. “The rise of input costs throughout 2021 has created a unique situation and the value of a nitrogen stabilizer has never been higher or more important for growers looking to get the most out of their nitrogen investment.”  

Still, growers may want to continue fall application of nitrogen for the 2022 crop, and continue the use of nitrogen inhibitors to protect the investment.

Research from Beck’s Hybrids shows nitrogen stabilizers can reduce N-loss to the environment, by “slowing the natural conversion process of stable soil ammonium N to the mobile nitrate N form,” the seed company reports.

Along with rising costs, the agriculture industry is also facing supply and logistical constraints. KAS recognized the situation earlier this year and leveraged its strong relationship with suppliers to ensure adequate supply of products for the upcoming season. 

“The KAS procurement and supply chain teams have been working diligently with our suppliers to secure raw materials to meet our customers’ needs,” says Hunter. “We anticipate having product for our customers this fall and spring.”

KAS said it will continue to assess raw material costs and adjust its nitrogen stabilizer and nutrient efficiency solutions prices as necessary.

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