Life at the OSU Farm Science Review

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    The Ohio State University hosts the annual Farm Science Review drawing nearly 150,000 visitors across North America. The show features various exhibitors, educational sessions, and trade show to all attending producers while learning about the latest trends in the industry.

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    Take a leisurely stroll down Equipment Avenue. Take in and learn about the latest machinery from manufacturers to enhance productivity on your operation.

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    Even with all the new equipment, the Farm Science Review doesn’t forget the past. The show features a nostalgic look at what was innovative in a time not so long ago.

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    What’s a good show without some delicious food? The Farm Science Review has plenty of good eats to satisfy your palate.

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    The Farm Science Review features variety: whether that may be machinery or people, but everyone gets along and has a good time.

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    The great thing about strolling through the show is that you could discover new and inspiring things that could improve your operation.

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    The trade show opens up the opportunity for exhibitors to show their products to interested attendees, where otherwise producers may be unaware of what new gear and equipment is available.

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    With a plethora of equipment to gaze at, producers have time to learn about the machines with experts and decide what’s best for them.

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    The Farm Science Review offers educational sessions where producers can learn about topics that will be sustainable for their farmland.

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    In addition to topics such as cover crops, there are chances to learn more about a nutrient management plan and what that means for a producer’s operation.

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    The goal of attending the Farm Science Review is to educate producers in the latest trends with equipment and practices to enhance their operation, and pave the way for future producers to be conscientious stewards of the land.

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