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Machinery Pete: Self-propelled sprayer values soften

"Give me a range of values what you think it's worth, Pete."

Think I've heard that line a few times? I love it. Right up my alley with all this sale price data I've been compiling now for nearly 21 years. If you've been following along the last five years or so, you know how often I've written or shown video highlighting rising used equipment values.

But not everything is going up in value.

Big self propelled sprayers for example. Used values on these rigs are not heading north. Nope, they're heading the other way, softening a bit here the last year or two. How is it I can say that? Well, pretty simple, I'm just looking at the cold hard facts, our auction sale price data.

Take JD 4720 sprayers for example.

Back in 2007-2008 I saw two 2005 models and one 2006 model sell at auctions in Missouri, Iowa and Nebraska for $149,000, $150,000 and $150,000. Here's the specifics:


Now back in 2007-08, those $150,000 range values were actually UP from what I'd been seeing further back, in 2006. Here's proof, a couple 2005 model JD 4720 sprayers sold at auction during the calendar year 2006:


So we know values on JD 4720 sprayers had been trending up in 2007-08, fairly significantly. But now look what's happened in 2009-2010:


So you can see, values on 2005 model JD 4720's have been softening off peaks seen in 2007-2008. Obviously being acutely tuned into used equipment values on any type of equipment category that swing up, down and back again like this is vitally important whether you're looking to buy, sell, trade or just appraise current value.

If you're going off of what your memory tells you a piece of equipment was worth a couple years ago, you're basically going blind. That piece of equipment you're valuing could be worth much more money, even though it's a couple years older.

Or it could be worth less.

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