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Mapping Out May Precipitation

After looking at precipitation totals for last week, it’s clear why crop progress is so far behind this spring. The last USDA Crop Progress Report from May shows farmers across the country have just 62% of the corn crop planted. Soybeans are 39% planted. All five of the top corn producing states received more than 4 inches of rain last week.


While all of Iowa recorded precipitation last week, the southeast part of the state had the highest totals. Henry County saw more than 5.5 inches over the course of the week. Parts of northwest Iowa recorded 4.5 inches of rain.

In a statement Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Mike Naig said, “It has been another challenging week weather-wise for farmers across the state. With just 1.3 days suitable for fieldwork, the historic planting delays continue. The corn planting progress is now nearly three weeks behind the five-year average, and soybean planting progress is 18 days behind last year and the five-year average. This coming week is critical for farmers who are making tough planting decisions. If we can get a stretch of warm, dry days, farmers can make significant gains.”

Iowa corn farmers have 80% of the crop planted. As of the latest report 58% of corn in the Hawkeye state has emerged. The five-year average for this point in the season is 99%, and 91% respectively. Soybean planting progress is also significanly lagging behind. Only 41% of the state’s soybean crop has been planted. The five-year average is 89%. Soybean emergence was reported at 17%. The five-year average is 63% for this time of year.

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A majority of Illinois got at least 1 inch of rain last week. Pockets of Illinois also tallied hefty rain totals. A handful of counties in the southeast and northwest parts of the state recorded more than 4 inches of rain.

Illinois farmers only gained 10% in corn planting progress last week to achieve a total of 45% acres planted. At this time last year, farmers in the state were done planting corn. This year only 32% of the corn crop has emerged compared with the five-year average of 91%.

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In Nebraska, Buffalo and Sherman Counties saw the most rain last week, recording more than 4.8 inches of precipitation. York, Seward, and Gosper counties also recieved more than 4 inches. With the exception of Dundy county in the southwest corner of the state, at least an inch of precipitation was seen across the state.

It’s no surprise Nebraska only made 7% progress planting corn last week. As of the most recent USDA report, 88% of the state’s corn crop is in the ground. Just 64% of Nebraska soybeans have been planted. The five-year average is 87% for this point in the season.

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The southern third of Indiana saw the most rain last week. Last week’s precipitation total was 4.14 inches in Lawrence County. Many counties recieved between 1 and 3 inches.

Farmers in the state finally passed the one-fourth planted mark for corn last week with 31% of the crop in the ground. The five-year average for corn planting in Indiana at this time of year is 94% complete. This year 18% of the corn crop has emerged; while up from 10% last week, corn emergence still lags behind the five-year average of 80%. Soybean planting is also tragically behind average pace. So far, just 17% of the crop is planted. This time last year Indiana farmers had 93% of the state soybean crop in the ground.

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More than 5 inches of rain was reported in south-central Minnesota last week. While the northern half of the state remained relatively dry, most counties in the southern half tallied more than 1.5 inches of precipitation.

Minnesota gained 10% in corn planting progress, but still fell short of the five-year average. Currently 76% of the corn crop is planted compared with an average pace of 98%. Soybean planting progress jumped past the halfway mark at 51%, but still trails the five-year average of 90%.

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