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New ADM course helps farmers ‘Shift’ to better marketing strategy 

At a time of volatile prices and unpredictable markets, ADM has launched an educational course to help farmers develop a grain marketing plan and boost farm profitability. 

“I’ve been doing this for 30 years,” says Doug Roose, vice president of product marketing at ADM. “Things are getting harder every day. They’re not getting easier. There is more market volatility. There is more noise. There is more everything. So no matter how hard you try, it’s harder than ever to stay on track and execute.” 

Roose says ADM’s new program, Shift, was developed to help producers navigate the chaos. The free online course has six lessons, known as “gears,” covering everything from developing a marketing plan to understanding crop insurance to managing input costs. The course is estimated to take about three hours to complete but is designed for users to come and go as needed, jump around, and pick up where they left off. 

The lessons hone in on the basics of grain marketing and managing the farm business. Roose says they intentionally stayed out of the weeds.

“We simply tried to put it together in a way that people can stay grounded and remember the fundamentals,” he says. 

Shift is designed to help farmers avoid being paralyzed by what prices might do, because Roose says, “The easiest decision that a farmer can make is a decision to not make a decision.” 

The program is packed with insight from ag experts from inside and outside ADM as well as links to a variety of resources to help farmers develop their plans. 

Roose says ADM is not collecting any data on the users and won’t be using the course as a means to contact potential customers. However, the course is not shy about pointing out how ADM can help farmers save money with their products and producers services, and they hope users will reach out. 

Roose says Shift is about helping ADM earn producer trust as well as business.

“That’s the biggest thing we try to do well, helping people develop a plan and then stay on track.”  

Learn more about Shift here

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