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FBN Announces New Membership Benefits, More Seed Selection

Members have access to sorghum, wheat, and alfalfa lines; other benefits.

More than 2,500 farmers gathered at the fourth annual Farmer2Farmer event in Omaha, Nebraska – nearly a third of the membership of Farmers Business Network. Attendees were some of the first to learn about new offerings from the company, including:

More seeds

Through the company’s F2F Genetics Network, there will be new grain sorghum, alfalfa, and wheat seeds, says Ron Wulfkuhle, head of seed for FBN.

F2F Genetics is collaborating with Warner Seeds International to bring to its customers a new lineup of sorghum hybrids including grain sorghum, forage sorghum, and sorghum sudangrass. “We’re proud to bring to farmers all across the country these hybrids from the Warner brand,” Wulfkuhle says.

In addition, F2F Genetics has partnered with Arcadia Biosciences to give its members access to that company’s Good Health Hi-Fiber Wheat.

These seed offerings supplement the company’s corn and soybean offerings, which were released earlier this year. Wulfkuhle says F2F Genetics will adhere to the company’s policy of transparency, with yield data and field notes from the corn and soybean hybrids and varieties from more than 200 test locations across the country available to members.

FBN Partners with Amazon Business

Also at F2F, Farmer’s Business Network announced it will give members deals and discounts while shopping on Amazon Business. Members who register for a free Amazon Business account will have access to a shopping experience tailored to farmers, and a host of business-specific purchasing tools, an introductory discount, and deals by Amazon Business selling partners, including Kimberly Clark Professional, Honeywell, and Bosch. The partnership includes an array of farm goods, maintenance and repair items, office supplies, and more.

Seed Zone Pricing Report

During Farmer2Farmer, Farmer’s Business Network released the industry’s first “Seed Zone Pricing Report” that gives farmers a look at how seed prices vary across states, or zones. Matt Meisner, head of data science at FBN, says farmers pay different prices for the exact seed depending on where they live or farm.

Zone pricing costs the average American corn farmer $13 per acre, with farmers in Illinois ($23 per acre more) and Minnesota ($22 per acre more) paying the highest added cost per acre due to zone pricing.

“We rigorously examined thousands of invoices farmers paid for their corn seed and the area they farm, and we’re able to uncover the seed pricing zones that ultimately affect the profitability of a corn operation,” Meisner says. “This information is critical for farmers and is their basic rights as consumers.”

FBN’s research shows that farmers in Nebraska and Kansas have lower seed costs per bushel of yield than the rest of the Corn Belt, by about 48¢ per bushel. The report also says that regional seed prices are not consistent with regional yields. Large differences exist within some states, with farmers in some areas paying as much as 15% to 20% more than other farmers in the same state.  

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