Planters, pollinators & prognostication

  • 02

    The weather window's finally opened and planting appears to finally be in its last days. And now that this critical job's nearly done, attention's turning to how things will go this growing season.

  • 03

    Though USDA knocked the progress chart off this week's Crop Progress report, there remain corn acres to be planted, one ag official said this week. But, is it better to switch to soybeans at this point or claim prevented planting crop insurance coverage?

  • 04

    Even if you've been done planting for a while, growing conditions haven't exactly been perfect over the last few weeks, and heavy rainfall that preceded this week's relative drydown may have your corn underwater in the field. So, will it make it?

  • 05

    On the other side of the spectrum, if your corn is on and up from dry ground right now, it's probably had a good last few days, with heat cranking up and helping growing degree days catch up. But, is it just a prelude to a crop-strangling 'heat dome?'

  • 06

    Too much rain. Too little rain. Too much grain in the supply pipeline. Too little grain in the supply pipeline. Economic issues at home and overseas. These kinds of factors can have major influence on grain prices from day to day. So, how does the market balance it all? Or, does it? Farmers chat this hot topic this week.

  • 07

    And, with such crop variability lately, it's becoming a tall order to try to accurately predict what USDA with have in store with its big Grain Stocks and Acreage reports next week. "These reports have the potential to provide large surprises," one expert said this week.

  • 09

    Despite leaders' call to urge a quick vote in the House of Representatives this week, the bill didn't see much life. It was voted down by House members on Thursday afternoon, many of whom cited food stamp funding as a primary reason for their vote.

A planting weather window and a look ahead to the next round of USDA data were big stories this week in ag.

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