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    Number, Acreage, and Size of Farms

    The average number of farms between 2007 and 2012 has decreased 4.3%. In addition, the number of acres has decreased as well, by .8%. However, the average farm size has increased 3.8%.

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    Value of U.S. Crop Sales

    Since the first time since 1974, the average value of livestock sold has exceeded the amount of crops sold in 2012.

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    Value of Ag Products Sold by Farms

    Up 33% from 2007, as of 2012 the value of agricultural products sold by farms in the U.S. is nearly $400 billion.

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    Total Acres of U.S. Farms

    Down less than 1% from 2007, the total land of U.S. farms in 2012 is 915 million acres. What does that mean? That's more than four times of all America's natural forests.

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    Ag Sales on U.S. Farms

    In 2012, 75% of U.S. farms had agricultural sales totaling less than $50,000. That amount is down 3% from 2007.

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    Age Group of Farm Operators

    The age group with the highest number of farmers ranges from 55-64 years with a steady decline for older farmers. The number of farmers aged 25-34 years has increased from 2007.

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    Average Age

    Following a 30-year trend, the average age of the U.S. farmer is 58.3 years old.

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    Number of Minority Farm Operators

    The number of minority farm operators has increased 12% since 2007. Also, the number of Hispanic operators has increased 21% as well.

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    Economic Class

    The number of farms that gross between $50,000 and $999,000 remains fairly steady between 2007 and 2012. The number of farms that gross less than $50,000 is still high.

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    Sex of Operator

    The number of female operators has had a decline and continues to follow the trend.

Source: USDA Nass, 2012 Census of Agriculture, Preliminary Report

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