Rounding the Preharvest Homestretch; Ukraine War 'A Shot Away'

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    After another waterlogged week in parts of the nation's center, the corn and soybean crops took another step toward in both advancement and quality. As U.S. farmers' attention turns to harvest preparations, world events continue to influence the ag markets. See what else you need to know this week.

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    Tuesday's holiday-delayed weekly Crop Progress report showed the opposite: Slight improvements in the shape of both crops on a national basis. Still, farmers worry conditions are perfect for the development of yield-robbing diseases between now and harvest.

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    Farmers in a lot of spots between the Dakotas and the eastern Corn Belt could use a good dry spell after a month of August that brought record rainfall totals. As many as 12 inches of rain fell in some spots during the month, and farmers say a drydown will be more than welcome, especially in crop disease-prone areas.

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    Getting a firm grasp on whether you have disease pressures in your corn and soybean fields -- and how severe they may be -- is critical rounding the corner into the homestretch toward harvest. It's just one of a few preharvest 'down time' tasks to take care of now, one expert says.

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    Another critical job to do this time of year before you start harvest is getting that yield monitor ready to go. It's not the most glamorous, entertaining job in the world, but it's important. Here's one entertaining way to get started on the process!

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    The way the corn and soybean crops are looking heading into harvest, there's reason to believe they'll be monsters. So, what will it do to the markets? Will they continue to dive? One analyst says the 'perfect' crop weather's behind much of the downward spiral in grain prices.

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    But, is it 'perfect' in your fields? With harvest right around the corner, it's time to start catching a glimpse of what's happening in fields around the country. Stop by Marketing Talk to see the latest shots from other farmers and add your own!

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    The downturn in grain prices has arrived, and it's already seen eating away at grain farm incomes despite what may wind up being a record-large crop in parts of the country. It's made ways to cut back on everything from fertilizer to farmland a high priority for farmers looking to tighten their belts to ride out the downturn until things bounce back.

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    Elsewhere this week, there's a key farm policy deadline coming up if you're enrolled in the Conservation Security Program. You may need to be signing a new contract to stay in the program by the end of next week. If so, find out how to do that here.

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    Halfway across the country from the Corn Belt where rain's been plentiful this summer, it's an entirely different story. California is facing the worst drought that state's faced in decades, and it's starting to create some fairly ominous potential side-effects and potential problems down the road.

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    Further away, farmers in Brazil are getting ready to get their soybean crop planted...and expectations are running high for a record crop, according to Luis Vieira, correspondent in southern Brazil. See more from Luis' report this week.

It's time to start finalizing fall harvest plans. See what else you need to know this week.

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