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Ten top Internet highlights from InfoExpo

A highlight of the Agricultural Media Summit, being held this week in St. Paul, Minnesota, is InfoExpo, an exhibition for companies to show off their products and services to the media professionals who serve the nation’s farmers and ranchers.

This year, looked for new Web features being touted by exhibitors.

  1. AGCO has made big strides lately with a variety of social media services for farmers, including on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Newest addition to the mix is an AGCO blog.


  2. Ag Leader’s Precision Point blog. Ag Leader recently launched a multi-author blog with up-to-date reports on topics such as how to set up your own computer network and do a better job managing precision ag software.


  3. site for this nitrogen loss inhibitor features a calculator for estimating your return on investment with use of the product. The site was re-launched in April with a colorful, easy-to-use interface. 


  4. Deere’s Gator section features “the incredible adventures of the all-new 2011 John Deere Gator XUV 4x4. Check out the new videos to get an action-packed test ride of the vehicle.

  5. American Farmland Trust. The organization, known for its support of farmland protection and sustainable ag programs, hosts a section, America’s favorite farmers markets. You can vote for your favorite local market, locate farmers markets, and learn how to establish and promote a farmers market. 


  6. The Dirt on Seeds. A brand new offering (launched last week) from Syngenta Seeds, the blog features field-level updates from two agronomists, Chris Cook, head of field agronomy, corn and soybeans, and Rich Lee, a “self-proclaimed tinkerer and troubleshooter who enjoys building anything and everything.”


  7. National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service. This site and its companion at the Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) site host a treasure trove of info on funding programs, organic farming, energy alternatives, marketing, and more. More than 300 publications are available for free.


  8. SARE has info on grant programs for sustainable ag, as well as reports from some 4,500 research projects.


  9. America's Farmers Grow Project. Farmers can apply for $2,500 grants through the Monsanto Fund for their communities to support local non-profit organizations, including fire departments and schools. Monsanto recently announced that the program will be expanded include 1,200 counties in 38 states, beginning in August.

  10. BASF Top Plots. Four Midwestern corn and soybean growers tell their stories in a series of videos being produced throughout the 2010 growing season. The growers give advice on how to improve crop yields and profitability, including with use of Headline fungicide and Kixor herbicide.

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