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Tennessee made more corn harvest progress than any other state last week

Tennessee farmers enjoyed almost seven days of weather suitable for fieldwork the week ending Oct. 2. 

Farmers in The Volunteer State made more harvest progress than any other top corn growing state, with a surge of 22%. In total, 64% of the state’s corn crop is out of the field. The five-year average for this time of year is 67%.

USDA rated Tennessee corn 15% very poor, 27% poor, 33% fair, 23% good, and 2% excellent in Monday’s Crop Progress Report.

Soybeans dropping leaves passed the 69% five-year average this week and are currently reported at 75%, a jump of 20% from the week prior. At this point last year, 60% of Tennessee soybeans had dropped leaves.

Soybean harvest in the state is not progressing as quickly as corn. Farmers harvested 8% of the Tennessee soybean crop in the week ending Oct. 2, bringing the harvested total to 21%. That’s slightly ahead of the 20% five-year average and 14% at this time last year.

USDA rated Tennessee soybeans 2% very poor, 11% poor, 37% fair, 40% good, and 10% excellent.

Cattle and pasture

Pasture condition in Tennessee was rated 5% very poor, 15% poor, 36% fair, 39% good, and 5% excellent.

Cattle condition in the state was rated 1% very poor, 4% poor, 30% fair, 54% good, and 11% excellent.

Map of Tennessee drought conditions
Photo credit: U.S. Drought Monitor

Tennessee Drought

Dry conditions expanded and intensified in the latest reporting period according to the U.S. Drought Monitor released Sept. 29.

Moderate drought grew to cover nearly 1% of the state and consumes much of Hardin County. Leaves are falling early, agriculture ponds are drying up, and farmers have to haul water in this area, reports the National Drought Mitigation Center.

Abnormally dry conditions surged from less than 10% of Tennessee to over 40% of the state in the latest report. Rain is needed in some areas for fall seedings, said USDA’s Tennessee Field Office on Monday.

About 59% of the state is free of moisture stress, according to the latest drought maps.

USDA rated topsoil moisture condition 7% very short, 43% short, 49% adequate, and 1% surplus on Monday. Subsoil moisture condition was rated 6% very short, 36% short, 57% adequate, and 1% surplus.

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