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The Ag Highlight Reel: Celebrating Cows

Welcome to The Ag Highlight Reel. Here you’ll find a recap of recent lighthearted or unusual news. These aren’t the headlines, but the funny, inspiring, or touching stories from across the agriculture industry.

Last week, farmers and ranchers from across the country celebrated Independence Day with patriotic displays.

This week the NRCS’ Conservation Roadtrip made a stop in southern Illinois to visit farmer Josh Brown. Next, the campaign is headed to Iowa.

A New Mexico farmer’s passionate plea to fellow farmers, ranchers, and dairy operators to tell their stories has been shared more than 126,000 times on Facebook.

While Chick-Fil-A handed out free meals to guests who dressed up as cows for #CowAppreciationDay, many in agriculture took the opportunity to use the trending hashtag to share their love for livestock and life on the farm.

Keep reading for an interesting vlog from a California rice farmer featuring some unique products from China.

Last Week: Independence Day

Farmers and ranchers around the Heartland displayed their patriotic pride in their farm yards and on their equipment. Here’s a quick look at 4th of July by the numbers. This slideshow reveals 7 reasons small towns are the most patriotic places.

Despite the midweek holiday, there was plenty of news out of Washington, D.C. Check out this article for the highlights.


This Week: #ConservationRoadtrip

This summer the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) is taking a virtual field trip to showcase the work of landowners around the country. Several of the stops feature farmers and the ways they’ve been able to partner with their local NRCS office.

This week the #ConservationRoadtrip made a stop in southern Illinois to visit farmer Josh Brown. He has a small, organic produce farm that has grown to supply Whole Foods and Southern Illinois University Food Service. Read more about Brown’s farm to learn how he has worked with NRCS to develop a five-year plan, learn about soil and water, and purchase his first high tunnel.


Facebook: Tell Your Story

Jay Hill works hard to share his day-to-day routine through social media as he farms with his family in New Mexico and Texas. In a recent Facebook video, Hill passionately asked other producers to step out and share their stories. He said social media can be discouraging, but the truth needs to be told.

At the same time, Hill encourages American consumers to get their questions answered directly from the source. “Step up, talk to your local farmer. Find out exactly how your food is produced. This is the day and age you can pick up your cell phone and you can find out anything.”


Twitter: #CowAppreciationDay

According to the Chick-fil-A website on July 10, anyone who came to a Chick-fil-A restaurant dressed as a cow got a free sandwich in celebration of #CowAppreciationDay. Photos of families and friends dressed in creative costumes began to trend on social media.

Farmers and ranchers on Twitter jumped at the opportunity to use the hashtag and express their appreciation for cattle and the livestock lifestyle. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders even shared a photo on social media to celebrate the occasion.


YouTube: Care Package from China

News of escalating trade tension between the U.S. and China has been dominating headlines for weeks, but Amber, an employee at a Chinese company called banggood wanted Matthew, a Californian rice farmer, to know his hard work is appreciated. Check out the care package she sent him and listen carefully for some interesting facts about Chinese rice consumption.


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