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The Ag Highlight Reel: Harvest Highlights

Welcome to The Ag Highlight Reel. Here you’ll find a recap of recent lighthearted or unusual news. These aren’t the headlines, but the funny, inspiring, or touching stories from across the agriculture industry.

Land O’Lakes recently partnered with country singer Maggie Rose to highlight women in agriculture with a clever remake of Old McDonald Had a Farm.

Harvest can be a frustrating time. Check out a video from the Hunter Brothers to see how they made the most of a bad situation with a little parody of a Shania Twain song.

The organizers of Des Moines, Iowa’s popular Bacon Fest are returning to Japan later this month to host the 2nd Annual Japan Bacon Festival.

Popular agriculture YouTuber, Matthew Sligar has a new hit video - Rice Krispies Treats Farmer Explains How Rice Krispies Treats are Made!

Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue made a recent trip to an egg farm in Puerto Rico. Keep reading to learn why the hosting farm family will remember his visit forever.

Canadian farmer Lesley Kelly has started her new job as grain cart driver this harvest. Scroll down to see how she’s doing.

Finally, Vice News recently talked to a farmer more than 25 years after his suicide attempt. Watch his video to see how his life has changed.


Country artist Maggie Rose partnered with Land O’Lakes and starred in a remake of Old McDonald Had a Farm. The newest version of the song highlights women in the ag industry.

“She had a dream. It made her strong. Works as hard as the days are long,” Rose sings.

Hunter Brothers’ Harvest

Despite being one of the driest years in the history of their area, Ty Hunter found himself stuck in the mud with the combine on his family’s Canadian farm. The country artist made the most out of the muddy situation and filmed a short parody video based on a Shania Twain hit to express his frustration.

The funny clip has gained attention as #harvest18 gets underway. More than 80,000 people have watched the video on Facebook.

“Great song!! …But not liking that your combine is stuck! Stay safe and hope you have a good harvest season from here on!” commented one fan.

The Pork Loin Strikes Back

The folks behind the popular Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival held in Des Moines, Iowa, are headed to Japan this month. For the second year in a row they are cohosting the Japan Bacon Festival. This year’s theme is “Bacon Wars: The Pork Loin Strikes Back” in honor of a pork loin donation from Smithfield. The event will include free bacon samples, live entertainment, a Bacon Queen Pagent, and more.

“Sharing our insane passion for pork with other cultures inspires us. We love seeing how their unique perspectives lead to both using and celebrating pork in ways we’ve never dreamed.” Brooks Reynolds, cofounder of the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival and chairman of the Iowa Bacon Board says, “Our cross-cultural pork-fueled celebration wouldn’t be possible without the support from our friends at Berkwood Farms, CK International Ltd, Des Moines Sister Cities, Iowa Pork Producers, Iowa Sister States, Starzen Company Limited, Smithfield, Templeton Rye Whiskey, US Embassy, US Meat Export Federation, US Pork and of course, all of our pork-loving friends in Japan.”

Meet a Rice Krispie Farmer

Matthew Sligar’s YouTube channel Rice Farming TV has been gaining popularity as he takes viewers through the rice growing season, teaching people in a clever way from his California farm. Recently he published a video a little different than his typical vlogs. Take a look at the life of a Rice Krispie Treat farmer in the video below.

A Memorable Visit from Secretary Sonny Perdue

Several weeks ago Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue was in Puerto Rico and toured an egg farm. The owner was pregnant and started to go into labor while he was visiting. That night she gave birth to a little girl who got an extra middle name in honor of the secretary’s visit. Later on Twitter Perdue introduced Alaina Sonny Pujols Deynes to the world.

Grain Cart Driving

Harvest has started in parts of North America. On Lesley Kelly’s farm, that means she has a new job as the grain cart driver. The communication struggles between combine drivers and the grain cart are no secret. Watch the video below to see how her first morning interpreting hand signals went.

Wisconsin Farmer Fighting Mental Health Crisis

About 25 years ago, one night in 1992 farmer Jeff Ditzenberger hit rock bottom. He planned to commit suicide setting an abandoned house on his farm ablaze. But as the structure around him went up in flames he had a change of heart. Now he is using his survival story to help other famers in distress.

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