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This Week in Agriculture, 12.20.2017

Interesting, out-of-the-ordinary finds going on in agriculture.

Welcome to This Week in Agriculture. We will bring you interesting, out-of-the-ordinary finds going on in agriculture. Not the big headlines, but the curious, funny, and inspiring stories across the land.

In this week’s installment, we found the highs and lows of farming, along with national yield contest winners. The farm bill, once a dream to be completed in 2017, looks like it will start to gain attention in early 2018.

1.    4 Farmers Featured on

It’s nice to have national attention on growers who are positive and using technology to make themselves successful., sponsored by the National Corn Growers Association, did features on four growers. Check them out:

Learn more about the campaign and its reach here.

2.    Farm Gone Bust

On the other hand, the Wall Street Journal profiled a pair of brothers in North Dakota whose farm went from $45 million in revenues in one year – then went bust four years later. How? See the impact of low crop prices and land rents up close.

3.    Corn Yield Contest Winners

Is your name on the 2017 list? The National Corn Growers (NCGA) has announced its National Corn Yield Contest winners in the 53rd year of the contest. See the winners here (member password required). There are 18 winners in six categories, in addition to state winners. According to NCGA, verified yields averaged more than 386 bushels per acre, compared with the projected national average of 175.4 bushels per acre in 2017.

4.    This Is the Farm Bill

“America’s farmers and ranchers are feeding more people with fewer resources than ever before.” That’s one line in a new video produced (and voiced) by House Agriculture Committee members. It’s all an effort to get started on conceiving, crafting, and selling a 2018 Farm Bill. Among the voices: Rick Crawford (AR); Rodney Davis (IL); Chairman Mike Conaway (TX); and Frank Lucas (OK).
See more of the House Agriculture Committee's efforts here.



5.    Racer Returns to his Roots

Seven-time AMA champion Ryan Dungey reflects on his motocross career as he zooms through a track in the middle of a 10-acre cornfield. The decorated athlete started off as a simple Minnesota boy who, “wasn’t the most talented and wasn’t on the best bikes,” Dungey recalls. Through his years in the sport he says he learned to “put in the work and see the results.”


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