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This Week in Agriculture, 3.2.2018

Interesting, out-of-the-ordinary finds going on in agriculture.

Welcome to This Week in Agriculture. We will bring you interesting, out-of-the-ordinary finds going on in agriculture. Not the big headlines, but the curious, funny, and inspiring stories across the land.

In this week’s installment, we share news of a new app introduced by U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance. And, more farmers are getting in the field to start planting.

1. More farmers are hitting the fields

Planters are rolling in the southern part of the country. Keep following for #plant18 updates as more corn gets put in the ground.

2. Iowa farmer featured by Lifetime

Lifetime recently featured Iowa farmer April Hemmes in a series called "Her America." The project featured 50 women in 50 states seeking to answer the question, “Who is the American woman?” Find her story here.

Hemmes was also highlighted in a Successful Farming magazine series featuring female operators.

3. New App to Help Ag Producers Advocate on Social Media

The U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance has launched a new app in an effort to bring farmers and ranchers into the mainstream food and agriculture conversation. The app, called engAGe, is designed to make sharing on social media easy.

“If we don't talk about how we grow and raise food, consumers will get their information elsewhere. It may be incorrect and told from the perspective of someone who's never been to a farm or ranch. This makes it crucial for the agriculture community to utilize engAGe, share your story through videos, photos and hashtags and highlight how you've adopted technology to enhance environmental sustainability and animal welfare,” the organization said in a press statement. Visit the URSFA website for more information and to download instructions.

4. Russia meddling in the GMO debate?

A recent article by the Des Moines Register highlighted new research from Iowa State University that indicates Russia is trying to influence American’s perceptions of GMOs and biotechnology. In addition to driving demand for its non-GMO products in the global marketplace, the articles are designed to increase division in American society. Read the article here for details.

5. Commodity Classic Draws Farmers From Around the World

This little guy couldn’t get enough of the big, shiny equipment on display at Commodity Classic in Anaheim, California. For more news from Commodity Classic read 6 Points They’re Talking About at Commodity Classic.

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