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Top 10 Successful Farming listens of 2020

Here are some of the radio segments that interested farmers the most in 2020. Catch up on what you missed!

1. Rain damage on cut hay

As the saying goes, make hay while the sun shines. But what happens if cut hay gets rained on? University of Nebraska forage specialist Bruce Anderson shares his expertise.

2. Farm LLC

Structuring your farm as a limited liability company has many advantages. It benefits taxes, liability, and even succession planning. Third-generation farmer and owner of Schwarz Law Firm, John Schwarz weighs in.

3. Controlling deer in soybeans

Soybean fields can be damaged and even destroyed when the deer start munching on them. South Carolina researcher Cory Heaton is keeping deer out with repellents.

4. Farm size – bigger isn’t always better

What characteristics make a farm successful? A Kansas study shows a bigger farm doesn’t always mean a more profitable farm. Greg Ibendahl shares the details.

5. Black widow spiders

The Black Widow may be the most feared spider in the U.S.  She’s not as aggressive as you might think, but good sanitation will keep the spider away. Holly Schwarting, entomology research assistant at Kansas State University explains.

6. Tire water tanks

Use your old machinery tires as livestock waterers in the pasture. Ice and even mean bulls can’t destroy them. Will Mahoney of Best Livestock Equipment explains this recycling method.

7. Poisonous weeds in hay

By late June, most hay fields are ready to cut. Toxic weeds can easily sneak in so know exactly what you’re baling to avoid poisoning your livestock. Learn more from Krishona Martinson, an equine specialist with the University of Minnesota.

8. Drying corn with ground heat

Grain drying takes a lot of energy and can be expensive. An Iowa farmer is drying his corn throughout the winter using heat from the ground. Eric Jellum explains his method.

9. Tractor cab comfort

A long day on the tractor is hard on the back and the rear end. Cab comfort is getting a makeover. You might think you’re in the car. Doug Felter of John Deere shares how the industry is improving operators’ experience.

10. Cut hay in AM or PM?

Deciding on the best time of day to cut hay depends on weather, the climate where you live. Extension forage specialist Dennis Hancock offers his recommendations.

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