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    Crazy prices for grain, machinery and farm land, the rise of the hog industry, spring planting pressures and the nuts and bolts of your farm. These are among the top story topics on in 2011. See more details on which topics got the most attention in the last year!

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    #10: Big rents & high land

    Farm land values and land rents have been a huge story throughout 2011,and it's had a lot of farmers weighing alternative ways to get and keep ahold of farm ground. Early in the year, rent was a major topic.

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    #9: Old tractors, high prices

    Healthy farm profits throughout 2011 affected a lot of adjacent markets, including farm machinery. In few areas was that clearer than in the used tractor market. This fall, Machinery Pete crunched some of the numbers on popular older tractors.

    - Old tractors, high prices

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    #8: Costs rising for 2011 crops

    Though crop profits were higher in 2011, so were input costs. And, a set of early projections for those costs released late in 2010 was another of the top stories for 2011.

    - Costs rising for 2011 crops

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    #7: $5 beef vs. $5 gasoline

    The beef market spent much of 2011 trending higher, a welcome relief for cattlemen. But, early estimates this spring showed there were signs that bullishness may fade.

    - $5 beef vs. $5 gasoline

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    #6: Can't plant? Don't worry yet

    Mother Nature was rough on a lot of crop farmers in the Corn Belt this year. Planting season was long and drawn-out for a lot of farmers, with some losing yield potential right off the bat after missing the ideal planting window.

    - Can't plant? Don't worry yet

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    #5: Pork Powerhouses: Midwest sows on the rise

    The annual Successful Farming Pork Powerhouses feature showed the 25 largest U.S. pork producers grew their sow herds in the last year. Only 3 of those top farms saw fewer sows than the previous year.

    - Pork Powerhouses: Midwest sows on the rise

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    #4: $12 corn: Crazy, but possible

    Also this spring, the corn market was already watching what would end up to be record-low domestic corn stocks. One market-watcher said in April that $12-per-bushel corn wasn't out of the question considering the tight inventories.

    - $12 corn: Crazy, but possible

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    #3: Chemical rate controllers

    One of the more 'nuts-and-bolts' features that was popular on this year was a January feature on chemical rate controllers. “There are many different ways one can go about it,” says Rob Hoehn, Micro-Trak sales manager. “It all depends on what a farmer’s needs are.”

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    #2: Big ideas from All Around the Farm

    The award-winning All Around the Farm program brings together the latest, greatest ideas for the farm -- from the shop to the field -- that help save time, money and labor. One page of ideas wound up as the second-most-popular story on in 2011.

    - Big ideas from AATF

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    #1: Top tips for farm shops

    Your farm shop is important to you, and it showed in 2011. Our collection of ideas and inspirations for the farm shop was the top story on in 2011. What ideas did you put to work on your farm?

    - Top tips for farm shops

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