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Trump Expresses Support for RFS, Biofuel Industry

Donald Trump took the stage at the Iowa Renewable Fuels Summit with handwritten notes to read to the crowd gathered in Altoona, Iowa. He expressed his support for the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS) and the role of biofuel in his plan to make the U.S. energy independent. 

“I will encourage Congress to be cautious in attempting to change any part of the RFS,” said Trump. “Energy independence is a requirement if America is to become great again.”

To ensure his intentions were genuine, the Republican presidential candidate cited his completely self-funded campaign, reminding those in the audience that other candidates are funded by organizations that expect something in return. “Me, I’m going to do what’s right for the country,” Trump said. 

If elected president, he declared that he would make sure the EPA ensured biofuel blend levels match the statutory level set by Congress in the RFS. After the 2022 cutoff, however, Trump said the RFS would be a part of “a comprehensive energy program that benefits all Americans and ensures that we are energy independent.”

“As president, I would encourage regulators to end restrictions that keep higher blends of ethanol and biofuel from being sold,” said Trump. “We are with you, folks. We’ve been with you since day one.”

Before discussing more general campaign highlights, Trump expressed his continuing support for biofuels and the ethanol industry stating, “You do a fantastic service . . . I am there with you 100%.”

The 2016 presidential candidate was introduced by Todd Becker, president and CEO of Green Plains, Inc. who called the opportunity to introduce Trump at the event a “great honor” in his life. He also said, “(Trump) stands side by side with us in our battle for the gas tank for ethanol, and we really appreciate that."

Presidential candidate governor Mike Huckabee also expressed the necessity of agriculture and his hopes to become self-sufficient in terms of energy in the U.S. at the Iowa Renewable Fuels Summit. Huckabee was supportive of the RFS and warned against electing any candidate that doesn't see its importance. "I will stand with you on renewable fuels," Huckabee said. 

Carly Fiorina, a 2016 presidential candidate, also took the mic to speak to the audience gathered at the Iowa Renewable Fuels Summit. She highlighted the EPA's overreach controlling waterways in places politicians aren't familiar with and spoke of a combine ride with an Iowa farmer.

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