Trump - USMCA Vote Will Be ‘Very Bipartisan’

Democrats say that they are working in a positive way regarding USMCA.

With Prime Minister Justin Trudeau seated at his side, President Trump predicted on Thursday a “very bipartisan” vote in Congress for adoption of the new NAFTA – when he can get a vote in the House on it.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who was to meet Trudeau later in the day, told reporters that “we’re working in a positive way” but did not suggest when the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement would be put to a vote.

House Democrats have called for stronger labor, environmental, and pharmaceutical provisions and a stronger enforcement system for the USMCA. U.S. trade representative Robert Lighthizer said this week that he hoped for “substantial progress” in discussions with Democrats so that implementing legislation can be sent to Congress "very soon.”

“I have to get the Democrats to approve it,” said Trump during a brief session with reporters at the White House. “I really believe Nancy Pelosi and the House will approve it. I think the Senate will approve it very rapidly. It’s going to be very bipartisan.”

Trudeau said Canada was “moving forward on the ratification process aligned with you (the United States).”  Mexico adopted the USMCA on Wednesday in a landslide vote in its Senate.

Trump repeatedly mentioned “the farmers” during the session with Trudeau. The USMCA “is great for the farmers, manufacturers, great for everybody,” he said at one point. At another, he said ratification was “very important” for farmers in all three countries. “The farmers are very happy with it. We’re really competing against the world,” he said of the North American bloc.

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