An Update on Your World in Agriculture

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    The Risk of War Discourages Ukraine Planting Season

    The risk of a full-scale invasion to Ukraine is high. Provided there will not be a full-scale war, Ukrainian agriculture looks good. Planting will begin very shortly despite the moisture deficit. See more.

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    Brazil's 2014 Corn Output to Shrink

    According to a recent USDA report, the country could bring a bullish trend, at least for corn prices. Extensive rains combined with a drought in southern states will make this year’s grain crop smaller than 2012-13. See more.

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    Record Crop Insurance Claims in Brazil

    Banco do Brasil e Mapfre, a major joint venture of crop insurance in Brazil, revealed that the country has set a new record of crop insurance from last year. 2,000 claims have been made to 5,000 farmers nearing $17 million. Learn more.

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    Brazil's Corn Production Drop Seen Reversing

    Two of the most prominent Brazilian economists José Roberto Mendonça de Barros and Luiz Carlos Mendonça de Barros created a consultancy called MB Associados in 1978. Click here to learn more.

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    Brazil's Soybean Crop Size is Uncertain

    Due to a large flood that happened in northern Brazil, many are concerned about what that means for the crops that the country expects to harvest this season. 

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    U.S. Grains Council Defends GMO Corn

    Recently 800 of China’s influential people in agriculture attended JCI’s biannual China Feed Conference in Xiamen, China. The U.S. Grains Council proved the safety of GMO food and introduced a new concept.

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    China Corn Consumption Growing

    China’s crop estimates are little uncertain to predict. Agriculture analyst, JCI China, is reporting a 3% more consumption rate than production.

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    Why Are Banks Closing Commodity Arms?

    When interests rates are low and the stock market is either flat or too volatile, we see a lot of new money come into the commodity sector. The fixed income market starts to heat up on Quantitative Easing. See more.

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    India's Wheat Crop in Turmoil

    Wheat harvesting season in India is well under way, however the weather has taken a turn for the worse. Hailstorms and usual weather patterns have affected the wheat crop in India. 

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