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USDA comment period on food system supply chains now open

The USDA is seeking comments on the department's efforts to improve and reimagine supply chains for production, processing, and distribution of agriculture commodities and food products. This comment period is in response to an executive order signed by President Biden on February 24, 2021.

“Pandemics and other biological threats, cyber-attacks, climate shocks and extreme weather events, terrorist attacks, geopolitical and economic competition, and other conditions can reduce critical manufacturing capacity and the availability and integrity of critical goods, products, and services. Resilient American supply chains will revitalize and rebuild domestic manufacturing capacity, maintain America’s competitive edge in research and development, and create well-paying jobs. They will also support small businesses, promote prosperity, advance the fight against climate change, and encourage economic growth in communities of color and economically distressed areas,” says the order.

USDA will use the comments it recieves to assess the critical factors, risks, and strategies necessary to support resilient, diverse, and secure supply chains. Identifying food system supply chain-bottlenecks and vulnerabilities also may provide valuable insights into the competitive and fair markets landscape, effects on local and regional producers and processors, and equitable access to food and economic opportunity across diverse communities.

Comments may be submitted via or mailed to Meilssa R. Bailey, Agriculture Marketing Service, USDA, Room 2055-S, STOP 0201, 1400 Independence Avenue SW, Washington, DC, 20250-0201. The comment period closes May 21, 2021. Comments received will be posted without change, including any personal information provided. Then, USDA will use the comments to prepare a report required by Executive Order 14017.

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