Volatility & skyrocketing land

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    The last week's been one of looking ahead to what some say could be a year of major volatility for U.S. crop farmers, both in terms of the grain markets and other key sectors, like rising farmland values. Follow along to see these and more of this week's big stories in ag.

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    Even despite a lot of drought uncertainty, it's still too early to peg 2013 crop yields, experts said this week. And, throw in uncertainty about crop insurance protection levels for 2013 and it adds up to a lot of income potential, but a lot of risk, one expert said this week.

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    The dominant variable in the 2013 income equation is grain prices. So, will corn and soybeans return to their pre-drought price levels? "current tight supplies and production uncertainty are expected to keep prices relatively high in the early part of the new year," one economist said this week.

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    Those tight supplies were examined this week in USDA's monthly WASDE report, in which officials trimmed U.S. soybean stocks. But, it wasn't a massive shift and fell in the range of previous trade estimates. The result: An 'unimpressed' trade.

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    Is it time to start selling soybeans? "Soybeans have also gained on corn, making soybeans a more attractive sale as we've now rallied back above the 1.90 soybean/corn price ratio. So, soybeans once again are a more attractive sale choice," says Ray Grabanski. How many beans should you sell?

    - Time to sell soybeans?

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    Now's also a good time to be selling farmland if you've got it, at least in Iowa, where experts released the results of that state's annual land values survey this week. In the last year, land in Iowa's gained 24% in value, causing some to question whether or not a bubble's building in the market.

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    And, don't forget about the used machinery market; strong farm incomes lately have the premiums for the highest-quality used farm iron growing, says Greg "Machinery Pete" Peterson. And, it may just be the tip of the iceberg.

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    Used machinery isn't the only category catching the spotlight this week. Believe it or not, it's already farm show season, and Agriculture.com's Jessie Scott recently traveled to the Nebraska Power Farming Show to see all the latest offerings. See what was new on the trade show floor.

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    Speaking of things to buy, have you gotten all your Christmas shopping done? Or, still looking to drop a hint for a gift of your own this year? Check out all our latest recommendations on what's hot for farmers this Christmas!?

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    Is a new tool of fix-up for your farm shop on your Christmas list? Winter's a perfect time to do some work in the shop, whether it's fixing up machinery or the shop itself. Check out all the latest ideas for the shop from Successful Farming!

Experts predict a wild ride for 2013 grain sector; Iowa farmland values rocket higher

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