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What is today’s news? | Friday, April 15, 2022

In today’s roundup, get caught up on the latest about Ukraine crop imports and exports, how to maximize inputs this year, and the Allis Chalmers 7580.

Crop Inputs

Editor Bill Spiegel covers strategies that can help maximize your crop inputs this year.

Scott Dugan, an agronomist with LG Seeds in south-central Nebraska, provides insight. He says, "Those who have been stewards of the land and have built their soils to sustain adequate nutrient levels, can take advantage of that and not put a bunch of high inputs into this year’s crop. But knowing the state of your soils will be essential this season.”


Ryan Roossinck of Tractor Zoom writes about the Allis Chalmers 7580; a tractor he says used to be a beast but is now on the fragile side.

"Still, the cool factor is really high, and it’s still an imposing piece of machinery today," he says.

Ukraine Crops, Imports, and Exports

Kyiv resident and Successful Farming contributor Iurii Mykhailov writes: Before the war, 90% of Ukrainian grain export was by sea via ports on the Black and Azov seas.

Currently, three ports (Mariupol, Berdiansk, and Kherson) are under Russian control, while the Mykolaiv port is severely damaged. All Ukrainian ports are blocked with 85 foreign vessels stuck in them.

Mykhailov also provides an update to the prospects for the 2022 planting season in the first article linked below.


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