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What is today’s news | Tuesday, February 8, 2022

From new tractor announcements to activating the soil microbiome, Tuesday's headlines cover a broad range of topics.

Read on for a roundup of the latest news.


Editor Alex Gray covers two big announcements from Massey Ferguson and New Holland.

Massey Ferguson is expanding its line of mid-range tractors, following last year’s release of the MF 8S Series. The most recent introduction includes four MF 6S series models ranging from 145 to 180 hp., plus five MF 7S Series models ranging from 155 to 210 hp. 

Designed with feedback from farmers, these additions to Massey Ferguson’s product line are built with ease of operation in mind.

New Holland’s T6 Methane Power tractor is the world’s first factory-ready, methane-powered tractor, designed to further the use of more sustainable fuel sources. 

The T6 Methane Power model is New Holland’s newest addition to the T6 series of tractors and their next step toward a completely carbon-neutral farming cycle. This tractor will “close the loop” on energy production and use, with a field to energy generation, back to field cycle.

Crop Management

Editor Chelsea Dinterman writes about the University of California, Davis five-year, $15 million research project intended to accelerate wheat breeding.

Researchers will use molecular markers and data analysis from multiple institutions to determine genes that help wheat crops mitigate the effects of climate change. Plant breeding will help prove these findings.

Editor Laurie Bedord interviews Travis Bayer, cofounder and chief technology officer at Sound Agriculture, about disrupting traditional input-intense techniques.

Founded in 2013, Sound Agriculture has developed technology that activates the soil microbiome to give plants access to important nutrients that exist in the field, allowing growers to optimize fertilizer inputs. It is also exploring accelerated breeding technologies.

This season will bring a variety of challenges, but fighting weed resistance and supply chain issues are top of mind in weed control. When there are shortages and increased input prices, choosing what goes in the tank becomes more important than ever to protect your crop and your bottom line.

The new UltraLock adjuvant from WinField United combines a drift reduction agent (DRA) with InterLock, a drift reduction technology (DRT), to improve spray deposition. The result is 20% more leaf coverage than other DRAs, allowing more product to be intercepted by the plant for better weed control.

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