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What is today’s news | Wednesday, February 2, 2022

In case you’ve missed it during the hustle and bustle of midweek, here is a summary of the news making headlines today.

Machinery on the Farm

Case IH’s new Precision Disk 550 series air drill brings higher tank capacity and increased versatility in the field.

“We continue to hear from growers — they need added capacity to get more seeding done in a day,” said Trent Nowosad, Case IH marketing manager for seeding equipment.

Editor Alex Gray covers the features, pricing, and availability of the new air drill from Case IH.

Editor Bill Speigel writes about Dale and Hank Wicke, the third (and last) generation to operate their Nebraska farm, which was bought by their grandfather in 1922.

As he says, “I was the successful bidder in an online auction on the Chevy. Karen Fanning, one of the duo who runs Fanning Auction, told me that the owner – Hank Wicke and his brother, Dale – were bachelors. All the proceeds from their sale would benefit the Nebraska Community Foundation. This, I thought, had the makings of a good story.”

Editor Alex Gray also features the expanded line of planters from Case IH. The 2150S Early Riser front-fold trailing planter is available in five different configurations. 

A larger 525-gallon fertilizer tank capacity and increased seed capacity allows operators to cover more acres between fills and make the most of their time in the field. 

This planter is well suited for the farmer who wants to plant 15-inch soybeans, then take that same planter and plant with 30-inch row spacing, or plant with narrow-row spacing for cover crops. 


Editor Madelyn Ostendorf covers what you should know about cattle nutrition needs.

When it comes to proper cattle nutrition, seemingly infinite questions need to be answered. Dusty Abney, cow/calf nutritionist at Cargill Animal Nutrition, says one key to figuring out what works best for your herd is asking for help, even if you aren’t sure you need it. 

“It’s OK to feel a little foolish,” he says. “If you feel a lot foolish because you didn’t ask a question you needed to ask, that’s going to cost you money.”

New tech solutions can simplify how you manage your herd’s health.

Merck Animal Health has introduced an illuminating electronic ear tag that can help feedlots spot sick animals quicker, and Zoetis has launched an online suggested herd health program.

Both were showcased at the National Cattlemen’s Association’s Trade Show this week.

JBS SA agreed to pay $52.5 million to settle litigation accusing meat-packing companies of conspiring to limit supply in the $63 billion-a-year U.S. beef market in order to inflate prices and boost profit.

The preliminary settlement by the Brazilian company and its U.S. units with so-called direct purchasers was disclosed on Tuesday, and is the first in nationwide antitrust litigation over beef price-fixing.

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