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What is today's news? | Friday, March 18, 2022

As we head into the weekend, be sure you're caught up on the latest news.

Here is a roundup in case you missed it.

Machinery and Technology

Ryan Roossinck of Tractor Zoom pieces together information about the Case 1090.

He writes, "The fact of the matter is that the Case 1090 is a rare-enough tractor that there really isn't much out there - either from a documented standpoint or a tribal knowledge perspective. Case didn't really do a lot with documenting stuff like this, and sadly, I couldn't come up with much in looking at old marketing materials either."

Editor Alex Gray writes about the High Speed ISOBUS technology demonstrated at Commodity Classic in New Orleans.

The Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation revealed the HSI at its Spring Plugfest 2022 where the team demonstrated the new HSI working with digital cameras and monitors, as well as with an implement and an existing tractor display.

If you are looking to upgrade backhoe loaders, be prepared to wade through a proliferation of accessories and options employed by manufacturers to “niche out” their machines.

Check out these four factors to consider when you're looking to buy.


To date, 12,213,550 reported birds have been affected by HPAI, writes Editor Madelyn Ostendorf.

The USDA's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service today confirmed the presence of highly pathogenic avian influenza in a flock of commercial layer chickens in Buena Vista County, Iowa. The flock has been depopulated.

Hog farmers will have an additional two weeks, until April 29, to apply for federal payments to offset the pandemic-depressed prices offered by packers on the cash market during the summer of 2020, said the Agriculture Department on Thursday.

The USDA announced the program last December to assist hog farmers who were forced to accept low cash bids for their stock from April 16 to Sept. 1, 2020.

Crops News

This week, states gearing up for planting in the Corn Belt saw no change or a worsening in conditions, reports Editor Madelyn Ostendorf.

Despite forecasted rain across the Midwest, much of which did not occur, states have been falling short on rainfall. Without that much-needed precipitation, soil moisture will be below levels needed for an ideal planting season.

Ukrainian farmers are woefully short of fuel ahead of the spring planting season and have lost around 10% of their land “to military effects,” such as bombing, said Dzoba Taras, the country’s deputy agriculture minister, during a webinar.

“We have huge uncertainty for farmers,” said Taras, who need financing, fuel, fertilizer, and other crop inputs amid the Russian invasion.

Disruptions in agriculture across the globe create ripples in agriculture elsewhere. When major disruptions happen to major food producing regions — like Ukraine — the impact too will be enormous.

Ukraine’s production impacts in 2022 are going to be felt around the world. For some countries, the prices for food will be significantly impacted. For others, there may actually be food shortages.

Agoro Carbon Alliance announces it will become an independent business, effective April 1 2022.

This move makes Agoro Carbon Alliance a full legal entity separate from Yara and is part of the business’s long-term strategy to decarbonize agriculture. Following the separation, all Agoro Carbon Alliance’s existing contracts with growers, partners and vendors will be transferred unchanged to the new company.

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