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What is today’s news? | March 9, 2022

The middle of the week is buzzing with news.

If you need to catch up on the latest headlines, here is a roundup.

Machinery and Equipment

Editor Alex Gray covers what some of the major manufacturers are saying in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

They include: CNH Industrial, AGCO, and John Deere & Co. 

Editor Alex Gray also writes about right to repair, which has become a hot topic again since the Biden administration in July introduced an executive order promoting competition in the economy.

Farmer and Senator Jon Tester says, “I’ve been a farmer my whole life, and I’ve seen the unfair practices of equipment manufacturers make it harder and harder for folks to work on their tractors themselves — forcing them to go to an authorized mechanic and pay an arm and a leg for necessary repairs.”

“Equipment manufacturers have always supported a farmer’s right to safely maintain, diagnose, and repair their equipment,” says Stephanie See, director of state government relations for AEM. “That is why we remain committed to helping farmers reduce downtime and maximize productivity.”

At the National Farm Machinery show this year, Kubota introduced new compact tractors.

In this video, product manager Beau Woodbury provides a walk-through of the newest features.

On the Farm

Shawn Williamson, certified public accountant, writes the takeaways from a University of Illinois Farmdoc webinar about how the Russian-Ukrainian conflict may impact commodity prices and crop insurance decisions before the March 15 crop insurance deadline.

“Bottom line: The world is changing more rapidly than we’ve seen in decades, and you’re going to have to be nimble with planting, purchasing, and insurance decisions,” he says.

The Wednesday, March 9, USDA World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates report came in close to pre-report estimates, writes Al Kluis.

The main interest in the report was the South American and global production estimates. The USDA usually does not make changes in their estimates as fast as private forecasters, Kluis says.

The Biden administration should encourage larger domestic food production to blunt the disruptions in global supplies created by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, said the Republican leader of the Senate Agriculture Committee on Tuesday.

“There’s been no change in USDA’s position,” responded USDA spokeswoman Paige Blanchard. Last week, the USDA said it was not considering suggestions for emergency cropping of the Conservation Reserve.

Ag Safety Awareness Program Week is March 7-11 and today’s focus is on disaster preparedness.

Click the link below to learn more about how to prepare for heat illnesses, wildfires, natural disasters, and utilizing respirators.

Poultry and Cattle News

Following a safety review, U.S. food regulators said short-haired cattle produced through gene editing can be raised for meat production.

Meat from the cattle could be available for purchase in as little as two years, said the Food and Drug Administration.

Since February 8, 2.8 million commercial and backyard birds across 12 states have been depopulated because of avian influenza infections, writes Editor Madelyn Ostendorf.

“It’s not really a matter of if another outbreak occurs, it’s a matter of when,” says Yuko Sato, poultry Extension veterinarian and diagnostician at Iowa State University. “We’ve detected it. We’ve seen it in wild waterfowl, we’ve definitely seen it in commercial poultry. The only thing producers can do to prepare for this is to have good biosecurity.”

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