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What is today’s news? | Monday, February 21, 2022

Kick off the week strong by catching up on the latest ag news.

Check out this roundup to help keep you informed.

Crops and Soil Health

Sam Eathington always thought he would work on his family’s six-generation farm. Today, he is a plant breeder and the chief technology officer for Corteva Agriscience.

Successful Farming’s Executive Editor for Crops Technology, Gil Gullickson, chats with Eathington about his observations of the industry and its future.

Lance Klessig, a certified crop adviser, fields all kinds of questions from farmers.

Embracing regenerative farming practices and giving the health of the soil priority shape the heart of his advice.

He is also a farmer running his own operation, Heart and Soil Ridge near Dakota, Minnesota. Adopting no-till and planting cover crops are two of the core practices he suggests.

After one of the driest mid-February periods in 30-plus years across much of southern Brazil and Argentina, the latter half of February 2022 looks to bring some precipitation back into the picture for part of the region.

However, this does not signify a change to a wetter regime for these dry areas, simply a temporary reprieve.

Avian Influenza

Editor Madelyn Ostendorf covers the latest developments of avian influenza across the country.

On Sunday, the USDA confirmed a case of avian influenza in a non-poultry, non-commercial flock in Knox County, Maine. The surrounding area has been quarantined, and the birds have been depopulated.

To date, avian influenza has been reported in commercial and backyard flocks Indiana, Virginia, Kentucky, and New York, and in wild poultry in New Hampshire, Delaware, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, Connecticut, Florida, and Maryland.

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