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What is today’s news? | Tuesday, April 12, 2022

In today’s roundup, get caught up on the latest news about ethanol, pasture management, and estate tax laws.


The EPA will issue an emergency waiver allowing sales of E15 — gasoline that is 15% corn ethanol — this summer, announced President Biden on Tuesday, ahead of a trip to Iowa, the No. 1 corn- and ethanol-producing state.

The step will save motorists up to 10¢ a gallon on surging gasoline prices and aid the rural economy, said the White House.

In addition, the USDA will disburse $700 million in pandemic aid to biofuel producers by the end of April.

Pasture Management

Editor Madelyn Ostendorf writes, “As the weather warms up and animals are readied for grazing, start the season off right by surveying your pastures to ensure they are optimized for success.”

Some of the most common questions farmers have are about reseeding and supplementing the existing pasture, managing fertility, and controlling weeds. Soil test data can help answer these questions.

Estate Tax Laws

Shawn Williamson writes, “During the past 20 years we have seen the estate tax exemption rise all the way to $12.06 million for 2022. That’s been good news for farmers and millions of small-business owners.”

In this article, learn about the existing tax laws, the proposed Build Back Better Act, state taxes, and more factors that could influence your own decisions about your estate.

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