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What is today’s news? | Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Before you call it a day, catch up on the latest news. From tractor upgrades to manure spills, here is a roundup to help keep you informed.

On the farm

WinField United officials say its Advanced Acre Rx (AARx) program enables farmers to reduce agronomic risk and ensure product performance.

AARx uses a systems approach to agronomy. Every prescription includes a field-level agronomic plan that features products and ag technology recommendations with a service warranty for performance.

Editor Alex Gray writes about the updates and new creature comforts coming to the Case IH Maxxum and Puma series tractors for the 2022 model year. Many of the enhancements to the 2022 model year Puma and Maxxum tractors are built off of features introduced in 2021.

Read on for the full suite of upgrades.


State and federal officials have killed tens of thousands of broiler chickens and turkeys on poultry farms in Indiana and Kentucky, and backyard flocks in three other states, while fighting outbreaks of highly pathogenic avian influenza.

Authorities believe the disease was being spread by migratory waterfowl, so they advised poultry owners to avoid contact with waterfowl or their droppings.

Editor Jodi Henke interviews Kevin Erb, Extension conservation professional training program director at the University of Wisconsin, in this radio show about the root causes of manure spills.

Most recently, researchers at the University of Wisconsin found 38% of spills are caused by transportation-related issues, about 38% are on the farm, and land application accounts for 23% to 24% of the overall incidences they documented.

In this episode, Editor Jodi Henke talks with Hayley Springer, an Extension veterinarian at Penn State University, about how to recognize the signs of an infected navel on a calf.

Springer recommends checking your calves twice before they’re 10 to 14 days old and monitor for swelling, discharge, and pain.

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