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Why Farmers Aren’t Yet Receiving Syngenta Agrisure Viptera China Payments

Syngenta officials say objections to the $1.51 billion settlement are delaying distribution of claims.

Farmers who have been expecting a settlement payment from the Syngenta Agrisure Viptera China litigation have not seen any yet. Here’s why, according to Paul Minehart, a Syngenta spokesman.

Minehart says that in the litigation, Syngenta contributed a total of $1.51 billion to a settlement fund that will be used to make payments to those eligible and to cover the costs of administering the settlement, including any court-approved award of fees to plaintiffs’ attorneys. 

“As a reminder, in December 2018, the Court presiding over the Viptera litigation provided final approval for a settlement with U.S. corn farmers, grain handling facilities, and ethanol plants,” wrote Minehart in an e-mail.  “Some have objected to the settlement and have appealed the Court’s approval of the settlement; those appeals are currently pending.
“Syngenta’s role in the settlement process is now completed,” writes Minehart. “We do not control the claims distribution process, which can only occur after all appeals are resolved, and which is overseen by a court-appointed claims administrator.

Minehart says growers who want to learn more about the settlement and the claims distribution process should visit the claims administrator’s official settlement website or call 833-567-2676.

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