Winter Relief, a Farm Bill, and $2 Corn?

  • 01

    Another bone-chilling system moved through the nation's center this week, preceded by a healthy dose of snow. It will start warming soon, though, one forecaster says. It's got some farmers thinking about the potential for drought this year.

  • 02

    Meanwhile in Washington, D.C., lawmakers in the Senate finally got the farm bill wrapped up and headed to President Obama's desk for signing. The bill passed the full Senate by a vote of 68 to 32.

  • 03

    A critical piece of the legislation will be crop insurance. And this month is a big one for anyone utilizing federal crop insurance programs. The average futures prices for corn and soybeans will determine what your policy will guarantee you in the event of loss. Here's how experts see those prices unfolding.

  • 04

    So, what's going to happen to the prices that will ultimately make up those crop insurance guarantees? Market analyst Al Kluis says they've likely hit bottom and they'll likely trend higher between now and spring. What do you think?

  • 05

    Another market-watcher says it's dangerous to get too bullish in the long-term. Daryll Ray said this week that if this year's crop is big and supplies are augmented enough, $2.00/bushel corn isn't out of the realm of possibility. Do you buy it?

  • 06

    While it's the dead of winter in the U.S. right now, harvest is rolling along in South America, and Argentina's farmers are building a 'wall of soybeans,' one expert says. It comes at a time when the government there is making some major monetary policy shifts. Why does that matter?

  • 07

    Back home, there's been quite a bit of livestock news in the last week. First, word that one expert thinks the hog industry's likely to see a continued growth -- and profit -- curve despite some disease worries. He also discusses what that disease could mean to herd expansion.

  • 08

    Meanwhile in the cattle sector, it's been a whale of a year for many producers, with fed cattle at record-high prices and a bullish outlook. That's been the major talk this week at the annual cattle industry convention in Nashville, Tennessee.

  • 09

    The rural U.S. is about more than livestock and crops. The energy production sector is fueling some major rural renewal, T. Boone Pickens said recently during a meeting of farmland investors and stakeholders. See more from the billionaire here.

Finally, action on the farm bill, another winter blast and ranging grain price projections top this week's big stories in ag.

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