Wretched weather, Brazilian roads & hog worries

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    It's starting to sound like a broken record, but it's been another mostly soggy week in much of the Corn Belt this week, and some corn and soybean planting's now entering the "way behind" phase. It's just one of the big stories in ag this week.

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    Though there remain quite a few soybeans left to plant, farmers are mostly nearing the corn-planting finish line, USDA reported this week. But, farmers say there are acres out there that aren't going to get planted, and now attention's turning to either changing planting plans or claiming prevented or delayed planting.

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    That planting progress -- for corn, close to the normal pace earlier this week -- has come despite another round of setbacks this week in the form of rainy, cool weather conditions that forecasters say could persist through the next week. That's got some farmers thinking about a corn market rally soon, too.

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    Not all weather extremes lately involve cool temperatures and too much rain. Parts of the Plains are still fighting serious moisture deficits. Even though it has been damp in places like Nebraska lately, it's not been enough to make up for the drought that's ravaged that state. What's this mean moving forward?

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    The weather's got a lot of farmers starting to wonder about the crops they already have in the ground, especially when it comes to growing degree days (GDDs). Will the young corn plants have enough to reach full yield potential?

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    Between the weather worries lately and lingering concerns that the corn pipeline's going to empty out, the markets have spent much of the last week spreading old- and new-crop contracts for corn and soybeans, with old-crop moving higher and new-crop trending lower. It's got the 'blood' spilling on the CME Group floor, one trader says.

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    Farmland prices have been getting a ton of attention lately, but the non-land costs associated with raising a crop are just as important. And, a new study out this week shows there may be a shift in some non-land costs -- namely machinery and fertilizer -- in the near future.

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    Costs are also raising major concerns about the future profitability of hog farmers in the U.S., namely when it comes to feed. And that means folks in the hog sector are keeping just as close an eye on corn and soybean prices right now as their crop-producing neighbors, according to analysis released this week.

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    Those feed costs -- and the taslk of managing them -- were a huge topic at this week's World Pork Expo held in Des Moines, Iowa. Farmers from around the world gathered to discuss, among other things, controlling a new disease that could potentially have major effects on global hog numbers.

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    A report released this week sheds some light on the condition of Brazil's transportation infrastructure, how it's severely hampering the nation's crop farmers' profit potential and some of the plans in place to improve the nation's rudimentary roads and build up rail and port infrastructure.

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