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10 Most Popular Stories in 2015

Continuing drought in California, water quality issues in the Midwest, and a whopper of a winter El Niño. Those are a few of the top topics on in 2015 as you can see by looking at the most-read stories below.

In times of tough commodity prices, it’s almost helpful to focus on what you can control, such as fine-tuning your planter, as well as some enjoyable topics, like the benefits of 4-H. Those were the trends that lend to this year’s most popular stories on

1. Gear Up for #Plant15

When you have low commodity prices, you have to do the best job possible to maximize yield potential. That’s probably why this story on gearing up for the 2015 planting season made the top of our list. If you’re doing some preseason maintenance on your planter this winter, this list has some tips that will be helpful moving into 2016, too.

2. California Farmers Preparing for Devastating Drought…Again

All eyes have been on California as the state’s drought went from bad to worse to devastating. It is hoped that this winter’s El Niño will bring some much needed moisture to the dry state and remove this story from the news.

3. 9 Things You Need to Know About Water Quality

Water quality — or lack of it — is the buzzword in environmental and agricultural circles these days. Water quality has also come into the national spotlight thanks to regulations and a lawsuit, which is why you should know these 9 facts about the issue.

4. Women in Ag: You Gave My Husband the Wrong Finger

Have you ever encountered a rude driver when you were moving farm equipment down the road? Well, you aren’t the only one. Heather Barnes wrote this blog post after a not-so-nice driver showed disrespect to her husband as he was moving a tractor.

5. 10 Things 4-H Taught Me That Sports Couldn’t

Following things through to completion, excellent communication skills, and leadership are a few of the lessons learned through 4-H. If you aren’t convinced that your kids should be in 4-H, this article will persuade you.

6. Pork Powerhouses 2015: Expansion Looms

When corn is cheap, hogs get plentiful. The annual Pork Powerhouses ranking of the 25 largest producers in the U.S. shows a gain of 128,000 sows in the past year. See what producers made the list.

7. A Whopper Winter El Niño is Coming

This article was written back in July, predicting what El Niño would mean for this winter’s weather. So far we’ve seen intense rains on top of winter snowstorms.

8. Worst Investment Out There? Farmland, Investor Says

The U.S. dollar is heading higher, crude oil and grain markets are staying low, and the worst investment out there is…farmland? See why one investor thinks so.

9. The Successful Interview: TV’s Bachelor Farmer

Aside from the bright lights and big city, this small-town-boy-makes-big story lifts up an even bigger issue in agriculture: the growing number of bachelor farmers.

10. 2015 Top Shop Winners

This year, Successful Farming magazine and Morton Buildings brought back the popular Top Shops contest. Before you read this article, be warned: These winning shops may inspire you to update or expand your shop or build an entirely new one.


What was our most popular slideshow on Here’s a hint: It involved cute farm kids.

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