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200-Plus-Bushel Wheat Claims National Wheat Yield Contest

Idaho Wheat Grower Produces Whopping 211.59 bushels per acre.

A yield of more than 200 bushels per acre was the top entry in the 2019 National Wheat Yield Contest, the National Wheat Foundation announced on November 12. 

Idaho farmer Rick Pearson claimed a Bin Buster award with a 211.59-bushel-per-acre yield on an irrigated field in Twin Falls County. Pearson grew the AgriPro variety SY Ovation on the winning entry. 

Tom Duyck, Washington, Oregon, earned the Bin Buster award for dryland farmers with a 191.66-bushel-per-acre yield using the winter wheat variety Rosalyn, from Oregon State University and the ORCF. 

“A special congratulations to Rick Pearson from Buhl, Idaho, and Tom Duyck from Forest Grove, Oregon, for being this year’s Irrigated and Dryland Bin Buster winners,” said Wayne Hurst, president of the NWF board of directors. 

The contest recognizes winners in two primary competition categories, winter wheat and spring wheat, and two subcategories, dryland and irrigated.

A record 397 entries were in the 2019 contest, Hurst said. 

Here are the other winners in their categories:

Spring Wheat, High-Yield Category

Name Field County/State Variety Variety Name Final Yield National Rank
Derek Friehe Grant, Washington Westbred WB9668 180.77 1st High Yield
Terry Wilcox Madison, Idaho Westbred WB9668 151.40 2nd High Yield
Trevor Stout Latah, Idaho Westbred WB9668 111.13 1st High Yield
Brian Lacey Grant, Minnesota Westbred  WB9479 103.04 2nd High Yield
Jon Wert Hettinger, North Dakota Limagrain Trigger 101.25 3rd High Yield
Derrick Enos Baker, Montana Limagrain Trigger 94.95 1st* (239%)
Doug Fitterer New England, North Dakota WestBred WB9590 96.07 2nd* (191%)
Orin Knutson Oslo, Minnesota WestBred WB9590 98.19 3rd*(78.51%)

Winter Wheat Winners, High-Yield Category

Name Field County/State Variety Variety Name Final Yield National Rank
Marc Arnusch Weld, Colorado Westbred  WB4418 210.52 1st High Yield
Phillip Gross Adams, Washington Westbred WB4394 200.48 2nd High Yield
Doug Stout Latah, Idaho Westbred  Keldin 181.93 1st High Yield
Jason Beechinor Walla Walla, Washingtopn Limagrain Artdeco 167.95 2nd High Yield
Nick Suwyn Allegan, Michigan AgriPro SY 100 165.65 3rd High Yield
Alec Horton Finney, Kansas WestBred WB4792 146.81 4th High Yield
Ed Evertson Cheyenne, Nebraska PlainsGold Langin 146.77 5th High Yield
Shwan Kimbrel Sunray, Texas Westbred Winterhawk 70.93 1st* (373%)
Travis Freeburg Pine Bluffs, Nebraska AgriPro Monument 125.04 2nd* (362%)
Rick Horton Leoti, Kansas Westbred WB4792 132 3rd* (340%)
CR Freeman Lone Wolf, Oklahoma Westbred WB4515 95.29 4th* (333%)
Ty Anderson Pine Bluffs, Wyoming Croplan CP7909 119.32 5th* (298%)

Winners are selected by the percentage increase their yield exceeds the most recent five-year Olympic county average as determined by USDA. 

Rules and entry details for the 2020 contest will be available January 1, 2020.

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