6 Photos of Flooded Missouri Farmland

  • Widespread Flooding

    When extreme rainfall rocked the southern Midwest at the end of April into early May, many farmers were left looking at fields that looked more like lakes. Casey Wright captured some of that devastating flooding in these pictures taken along the Black River just south of Poplar Bluff, Missouri, in an area called Coon Island.

  • Swamped Crops

    Most of the flooded acres were rice and corn fields. Some of these images capture the flooding on Wright’s own operation, Wright Brothers Farms.

  • Record-Breaking Flooding

    According to the Weather Company, 14 different Missouri locations saw record flooding after the heavy rain systems at the very end of April that last into May. Pocahontas, Missouri, 1.5 hours northeast of Poplar Bluff, broke a flooding record when the Black River spread well beyond its banks. 

  • Broken Levee

    Levee breaches along the Black River were confirmed on May 3, according to the Weather Company, which could have contributed to the flooding in the Coon Island area. 

  • Current Conditions

    Currently, the Office of Water Prediction has nearly all of the state of Missouri under a minor flood risk. 

  • What’s Next?

    As of Tuesday, Wright hadn’t heard anything about relief or insurance coverage for the area. Cleanup is the name of the game for flooded Missouri regions now. 

Casey Wright of Poplar Bluff, Missouri, took these photos of the Coon Island area from a helicopter after the Black River overflowed last week.

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