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6 Times #Plant17 Went Wrong

With this season’s combination of late snowstorms and intense rains, it comes as little surprise that farmers faced a few more obstacles during planting this year. How do you de-ice a planter? If you can kayak in your cornfield, is that a bad sign? Can a well-harmonized chorus get your tractor unstuck? (The answer to that last one is a surprising yes.)

We hope that #plant17 went (or is going) better for you than it did for these folks. And if not, well, they say misery loves company.

Snow tires are a good start…


Forget high-speed planting or multi-hybrid planting. The new thing is snow seeding.


Drones are overrated. This is the new way to scout crops. 

May 4th crop check.... conditions: tad moist #replant17 #enoughalready #cropsneedsnorkels

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Some farmers curse. Others yell. But not the Hunter Brothers. When they’re stuck, they sing!


Maybe try a little Johnny Cash?


Sharing is caring. Although his neighbors might not think so…

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