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92% of Soybeans Harvested, USDA Says

This week’s crop progress report shows 92% of the soybean crop has been harvested. This percentage is up 5% from last week’s completion rate and is 11% higher than last year’s completion rate at this time. Both Minnesota and North Dakota reported their soybean crops as 100% harvested. North Carolina is trailing the other states with only 36% of its soybean crop harvested.

The USDA reported that 85% of the corn crop is harvested across the 18 top corn-producing states. This number rose 10% from last week’s completion rate, and it's also a whopping 23% higher than the amount harvested last year at this time. Tennessee, North Carolina, and Missouri have completed 97% of their total corn harvest, while Colorado lags behind at only 45% harvested.

Cotton was reported as 50% harvested across the 15 states that harvested 99% of the 2014 cotton average; 48% of the cotton is in good or excellent condition.

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