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Asian soybean rust found in Missouri Bootheel

Asian soybean rust was found for the first time this year in Missouri on commercial soybeans in the Bootheel county of New Madrid.

Missouri is the 11th state with rust in the U.S. this year.

The find brings the national count to 128 counties and parishes with soybean rust in 2006 in 11 states, 105 of those on soybeans.

"Dr. Allen Wrather found one soybean rust pustule on one of 50 soybean leaflets collected from a commerical field in New Madrid County on Oct. 13. Most of the field was mature but some plants with green leaves were located close to a security light at the edge of the field," according to the Missouri state commentary on the U.S. Department of Agriculture's rust monitoring network Web site, "This is the only report thus far for the 2006 season in Missouri. At this point in the season, soybean rust would not impact yield and management strategies are not necessary.

"With frosts in much of the state the end of the week of October 9-13 and harvest moving along rapidly, the possibility of further detections is decreasing rapidly.

The Missouri rust find may be one of many this year, but this late in the season, Wrather says neither harvest progress nor soybean yields will be affected.

"There has been a flurry of reports of soybean rust from numerous locations in Illinois, Kentucky, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana. Soybean rust has been found in sentinel plots, research trials and commercial fields. Most of the commercial fields are close enough to harvest that yield should not be impacted," Wrather says in the commentary. "Disease incidence and severity in research trials in several states is high enough that good results from fungicide trials, yield loss trials, etc. should be available this fall.

"Samples are being submitted from a few remaining original sentinel plots on a regular basis. Also, some scouts are monitoring later planted fields in their counties or any fields that still have green leaves on plants in the field."

In 2004, soybean rust was found in New Madrid and neighboring Pemiscott county on soybeans, confirmed on Nov. 30, 2004. No rust was found in Missouri in 2005.

The counties in the 11 states with rust this year, including on kudzu, total 24 in Louisiana, 18 in Florida and South Carolina, 17 in North Carolina, 15 in Georgia, 13 in Alabama, 12 in Kentucky, four in Texas, three in Illinois and Mississippi and one in Missouri.

Last year on this date, there were only 72 counties positive for rust.

Asian soybean rust was found for the first time this year in Missouri on commercial soybeans in the Bootheel county of New Madrid.

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