A trip down a soggy Corn Belt road

  • 01

    I cover 50 miles of country road between our farm in northwestern Boone County, Iowa, and the Successful Farming office in Des Moines. Here’s a look at what I’ve seen.

  • 02

    The scenery is wetter by the day, with over six inches of rain falling this past week. In this photo near Perry, Iowa, water is backed up in the field and ditches.

  • 03

    About 25 miles to the north, near Ogden, a normally placid Bluff Creek threatens to flood the pasture where we run our cows. This is the creek on Tuesday night.

  • 04

    Then we received an additional inch on Wednesday afternoon. Our neighbor’s barn was hit by lightning during the storm, and burned to the ground.

  • 05

    Corn planted in this field a few miles up the road is likely to need replanting. Saturated soils are unable to absorb more moisture.

  • 06

    The last time we had so much rain in west central Iowa was 1993. Following on the heels of last year’s drought, it’s a stark reminder that when it comes to predicting the weather, the past certainly is not prologue.

See a few snapshots showing some of the excessive moisture common this spring in parts of the Midwest.

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