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'Active' weather ahead for planting season

The latest round of active weather to impact the Nation's midsection got underway over the past 24 hours with a lot of the Plains and the northwestern two-thirds of the Corn Belt seeing the bulk of the activity.

Southwestern Iowa was one area seeing heavy rain, with radar estimating that some places there had rains in excess of three inches. Another area seeing widespread and fairly big rains was central through northeastern parts of Texas, certainly welcomed for that drought-plagued area. Good coverage of rain was seen in Nebraska over the past 24 hours, certainly good news for their newly seeded corn crop as there were reports of some of that corn sitting in dry dirt prior to last night's rains.

The next five days will feature rain at one time or another across all of the Midwest, though rains will end in areas west of the Missouri River by Saturday morning and west of the Mississippi River by Sunday evening. The bulk of the Corn Belt will see another 0.50-2.00 inches, with only far southwestern areas getting a little short-changed. After a period of welcome dry weather, the Delta will see rains later today and into tomorrow. Some of that rain may be locally heavy in severe weather, but it will not be a repeat of the deluges of rain that area saw in late April.

Some rain will still linger into Monday in the eastern Corn Belt, but the dry weather seen that day further west will encompass all of the Nation's midsection on Tuesday. By Wednesday though we will start to see rain breaking out again from Montana southeastward into the central Plains and even far southwestern Corn Belt, with that rain as far east as Illinois on Thursday and into even far eastern parts of the Midwest on Friday.

That should be the start of another period of wet weather that lasts into the 11-15 day time frame. Another feature notable about the weather of the next week will be chilly temperatures. It will still be mild in the Midwest today, but the west is cooler tomorrow and the entire region is looking at temperatures that average ten or more degrees below normal for the Saturday through Wednesday time frame.

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