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Acuron Herbicide Receives EPA Registration

Farmers with difficult-to-control weeds like
waterhemp, giant ragweed, and Palmer amaranth in their fields will have a new herbicide
option. Syngenta's corn herbicide Acuron
has received registration from the Environmental Protection Agency.

Acuron has been shown to control 70-plus weeds, including
broadleaf and grass weeds like Palmer amaranth, marestail, giant ragweed,
kochia, morningglory, and waterhemp, according to a company report.

According to market research from Syngenta, glyphosate weed resistance
of broadleaf weeds in corn is up 50% in the last four years.

“Current herbicides are losing effectiveness, and it’s not
unusual for us to see growers spending as much as $60 per acre or more on
herbicides for corn,” says Gordon Vail, technical product lead for Syngenta. “The best strategy in this scenario is to use a high-performing
preemerge herbicide like Acuron that will stop weeds before they start, and
we’re excited we can now offer it to growers.”

Palmer amaranth, which produces up to 100,000 seeds per
plant and can grow as fast as 3 inches per day, has been a serious challenge
for growers. Purdue Extension research shows it has the ability to
bring about yield losses of more than 90% in corn.

The novel chemistry bicyclopyrone complements the other
three active ingredients in the premix to target a wider range of weeds than
previous products. Acuron has three modes of action to deliver a multitargeted
weed-control approach.

“Early-season weed management is a critical component in
helping growers stay ahead of weeds,” says John Foresman, product lead for
Syngenta. “Today’s growers are seeking herbicides with multiple modes of action
and active ingredients to control the most yield-threatening culprits. At the
same time, they’re also looking for residual weed control that will be
effective over the length of the season. Acuron brings a new level of control
to the mix, and it’s that combination of power, dependability, and flexibility
that sets Acuron apart.”

According to a company report, state registrations for
Acuron are still pending, and supplies for 2015 will be limited. For more
information about Acuron herbicide, visit

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