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Ag-Analytics, Deveron partner to offer soil testing solutions

Ag-Analytics and Deveron Corporation are partnering to deliver a comprehensive soil testing and fertility recommendation service at competitive prices. The Soil Testing Service will enable farmers to save both time and money when managing soil fertility.

The service offers myriad packages that cover the soil testing process from start to finish. Options include soil sample collection by a technician, laboratory soil tests and fertility analyses, and nutrient management recommendation for the upcoming season. After placing an order, which a farmer can easily do by visiting, a technician will contact you within two days to confirm the order and pull the samples.

Once analyzed, the soil sample results are delivered digitally to the farmer through their ProfitLayers account. Results are automatically organized, stored, and integrated with the farmer’s precision agriculture data and field records. This provides a farmer and his or her trusted advisers every piece of information necessary to make the best decisions possible. The service is especially helpful when creating custom management zones for variable-rate prescriptions on ProfitLayers.

“Soil testing is an important part of every farm’s management practices, but it takes time and energy,” says Joshua Woodard, CEO and founder of Ag-Analytics. “By joining forces with Deveron, we can provide a soil testing service that makes the process easy, from quick online ordering to full-scale servicing. This gives farmers more time to focus on managing their in-field variability and profit analysis.”

By highlighting areas in a field that have low or high soil quality, soil sampling helps a farmer maximize profitability and avoid both over and underspending. Soil tests reveal data on soil nutrients and management recommendations, giving a foundation a farmer can use to effectively treat fields.

“We are very excited about the opportunity to support Ag-Analytics and its clients with our soil sampling and insights services,” says Scott Jackman, president of Deveron’s U.S. division. “Ag-Analytics clients will be able to easily obtain soil fertility insights with the simple click of a button. Deveron’s collection, lab analysis, and insights will be seamlessly integrated into the client’s account portal, where they can easily view data. Our team at Deveron works relentlessly to remove friction in the precision ag data ecosystem.”

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