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Arable, Bayer partner to tailor plant genetics to field conditions

Arable and Bayer are partnering to expand the use of Arable’s field-level sensing and monitoring platform. The technology collects real-time information on weather, plant, and soil conditions through one solution. By combining their expertise, the two companies are working to advance the understanding of how hyper-local weather conditions impact seed performance as well as offer growers products tailored to their specific fields.

“Growers need a new generation of seed solutions that can keep up with a changing climate and fewer resources,” says Mike Graham, Head of Plant Breeding at Bayer’s Crop Science Division. “We are always looking for new ways to combine in-field performance data with our advanced trait technology. Leveraging Arable’s easy to use, accurate technology, we can further optimize our selection process and give growers the best traits for their unique environments.”

Founded in 2014, Arable has developed a single solution to view more than 40 climate, plant, and soil metrics that help farmers understand when to water, how much to fertilizer, what disease exists, as well as predict yield using historical microclimate weather patterns and machine learning. The solar-powered, cellular-connected, IoT device includes innovation like an acoustic rain gauge and integrates with all major digital farming platforms.

From microclimate trends and soil moisture levels to plant growth stages and disease indicators, Arable’s holistic view of field observations equips plant scientists, agronomists, and growers with the necessary tools to link decisions and outcomes. By combining weather, plant, and soil metrics, the platform enables strategic planning and measurable ROI through real-time, actionable insights on natural resource management.

“The future of agriculture will be tailored to meet the needs of individual growers and their respective fields,” says Jim Ethington, CEO of Arable. 

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